K7220 automatic frequency shifted feedback

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    K7220 high-speed automatic frequency shifted feedback suppressor

    K7220 high-speed automatic frequency shifted feedback suppressor ultra wide frequency circuit, a frequency response of 20HZ-20KHZ, changed people's views on distortion frequency shifter, listen to the feeling has been very difficult to distinguish, and because the most outstanding piano teacher can tell 5HZ, so for the product application in KTV, teaching, meeting, lecture such occasions are fully capable of. And has obvious effect, without debugging, low prices.

    In the aspect of processing receiver screaming, use mathematical software algorithm is very advanced, the howling occurrence, to suppress the maximum, let the howling never happened. Squeal generation is so formed, horn sound vibrations in the air after a certain time to the microphone, (speed of sound in air is 340 meters / second, electrical signal transmission line time is negligible) microphone signal by the amplifier amplification to horn, if the signal frequency and phase of the horn to the the microphone and is amplified signal phase and the same frequency, can be stacked together, the amplitude of the signal after a period of time to increase gradually, formed a whistle.

    In the processing of the microphone signal, we analyze the frequency and phase of input signal and output signal, found superimposed phase and frequency to a certain extent, that will be the signal intelligent processing, to destroy the positive feedback condition, inhibit howling. This product has the automatic detection of the howling point function, through the DSP system to filter the sound, bass compensation automatic mixing speed feedback processing digital, maximize the elimination of transfusion, the simultaneous use of multiple microphone, automatic adaptation to the acoustic environment, without the need of adjustment, rapid correction function, ensure the quality, reduce the delay, high school low input level, prevent the loss peak input, effectively increase the microphone distance 30~100CM

    Technical characteristics

    1 super wide frequency circuit technology, no sound, no metal tail, strong inhibition of echo.

    2 digital frequency shift technology, super Whistler preventing, mellow sound and stable, no floating and dry phenomenon.

    3 super stable: built-in crystal oscillator, the software algorithm, good stability, temperature and external interference is very small.

    4 according to the application of customized fit audio spectrum, thus greatly enhance the system gain.

    K7220 high-speed automatic frequency shifted feedback suppressor with any KERE type microphone, the same venue also opened dozens of branch, can reach 50CM to 100CM pickup instead of howling invariant tone.

    K7220 automatic frequency shifted feedback

    K7220 high-speed automatic frequency shifted feedback suppressor dimensions

    K7220 automatic frequency shifted feedback