K1600 digital conference of central processor

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    System overview
    This system has the basic function of the meeting, video tracking, electronic attendance / voting / elections / score function; large capacity of the built-in micro computer system without external computer connection to use, only through the factory production of CPU control panel settings and simple connection, can realize the video quality and orderly automatic tracking control of meeting; also can pass the factory production of special debugging keyboard video the most intuitive automatic tracking and debugging are discussed, open microphone check tracking; more can be added to the key operation of green computer management software through the USB: add as much as 12 chairman unit, electronic attendance / voting / elections / score function, application and wait for mode and specify the time and flexible real meeting control. Strong anti-interference ability, ensure the normal operation of the post.

    The main equipment system: the central processing unit, a microphone at the unit, keyboard control unit, high-speed PTZ camera unit, USB encryption key operation green computer management software..

    K1600 central processor

    The industrial standard CAN bus makes more stable and reliable system operation and data transmission.

    The system is connected to 90 conference microphone units which are output in 3 channels, one of which is connected to 30 microphones,and 256 microphone units with use of expansion unit and up to 928 voting-only units.

    The control panel is composed of LCD to display operating mode and status, more visualized and human-centered.

    USB encryption key operation green computer software is used for operation and control, more convenient, accurate and stable.Electronic signing-in, voting/electing/rating functions.

    Smart automatic video tracking function.

    Built-in 8-in and 1-out standard definition video switching protocol (4-in and 1-out standard definition video switching matrix+ 4-in and 1-out 1080P high definition video switching matrix made-to-order by users)   

    Various operating modes: Limit mode/FIFO mode/free mode/Chairman priority mode

    Various holder ball head control protocol, strong compatibility: Pelco_P   VISCA_SONY-D70   SAMSUNG   Pelco_D protocols

    Rated voltage:AC220V±10% 50Hz

    Frequency response: 20Hz-20KHz

    Output impedance:REC:200Ω




    SNR: 78dB (1KHz THD1%)

    Dimensions: 480X375X95mm (2U” international standard rack)

    Weight: 7.5kg

    K1600 digital conference of central processor

    K1600 digital conference of central processor Panel function display

    K1600 digital conference of central processor

    Two,PCSoftware introduction

    1, installation instructions:

    Operating environment: PentiumIII 1GHz or above, more than 256M of memory, Windows98se or above, hard disk space should be not less than 250MB.

    1, the installation program green run, do not leave any marks on the computer running the other positions. Absolute security.

    2, insert disc. WillKEREFolders to any position computer file system. C/D is the best system disk.

    3, pay attention to, file directory is the best root folder layers, best in two layer below.

    4, remove the program disk, insert the USB key, the implementation of CH-8000.exe can be.

    2, the user to confirm:

    In the use of this software, please insert the USB key. The implementation of CH-8000.exe will display the following window:

    Enter the password and press "confirm" or enter into the system, if the password is correct; otherwise need to lose weight. Press "Cancel" to exit the system.

    System installed after the first run the default password is "1", "confirmation" or enter directly into the system.

    In the system can be set up in the main window "modify password" function after.

    3, communication setting:

    Password input is successful, will display the following window:

    In this window, you need to select the computer is connected with the system host communication. This should open host power supply.

    If you use the serial port 1 is connected to the host, please select "serial port 1" (the system default settings for serial port 1);

    If you use the serial port 2 is connected to the host, please select "serial port 2".

    4, the welcome screen:

    The serial communication setup is complete, can appear as a welcome interface. You can click quickly close the welcome interface, can also wait for the automatic 4-7 seconds.

    5, the main interface of the system - system:

    Matters needing attention:

    1 system power will automatically detect, hear "toot" sound that communication is normal, abnormal system will send out continuous alarm sound (not connect the microphone as abnormal).

    To confirm the system unit number according to the number of actual connected microphone 2 system before work, can be larger than the actual number is not small.

    3 the system default uses 1 chairman unit, if more than 2 chairman unit must use the PC software installed, you can have up to 12 chairman unit.

    4 the system default distribution of the first unit number as chairman of the unit, distribution unit number must be from the president began to represent.

    5 system to complete the allocation unit number must be reset to ensure the communication unit set correctly.

    Click the system window above the "Settings" menu, the system will enter the "system settings" window.

    "The number of hardware unit setting unit number" system settings, the general should be consistent or 1 to 2 with the system unit number.

    "The allocation unit" can reassign unit number, please note, allocation, system unit number can not be repeated, otherwise it may appear unpredictable failures, the allocation unit number must be from the president began to represent.

    "Unit reset" said initialization unit; unit after a reset must be "line detection", were detected in proofreading number on all units system, then the next step of work under normal circumstances.

    "Change password" can reset the system login password.

    Click on the "open / close" button, you can turn on / off the designated unit. "Close all" said close all unit.

    "The control" click after entering the control window.

    "Speak mode" on the system working mode settings, select the corresponding mode,

    Click "OK".

    "The number of speakers choose the corresponding number", click "OK".

    "Automatic meeting time" in minutes, range 1-250 minutes. Limit per unit time.

    Chairman of the "tone" is used in the closed representatives spoke with voice prompt.

    "Quiet time" choose not to speak automatically shut off the unit time.

    Detection of 6, main system interface - circuit:

    Click on the "window, click the" check the line "circuit check" button can be used to detect all units of a system, if the unit normal state, shows the "online".

    7, the system main interface, video settings:

    Click the system window above the "video settings" menu, the system will enter the "video settings" window.

    Operation of the ball mill, choice of camera, camera type, communication speed.

    Click on the button with the direction, distance / aperture, speed   / -, so that the camera reaches the specified parameter.

    When the speed reaches a maximum or minimum value, the host will squeak tone.

    To save a preset, the best setting system for selected into the first mode, select the "setting", input unit, and click "open preset unit".

    Then adjust the ball position, true to the appropriate date. Click "save presets".

    Enquiries can be preset number by clicking on the "address to preview". By clicking "remove preset" to clear all the preset position.

    Protocol selection:

    A Video Type=1 Pelco_P

    B Video Type=2 SAMSUNG

    C Video Type=3 Pelco_D

    D Video Type=4 VISCA_SONY-D70

    8, the control:

    The control window, by clicking "system settings" window "the control" button to enter the.

    The main role is to visually see current speak. Can be designated representative.

    Select "enable site map" according to the need to replace the background image.

    Select "display name" can be automatically updated to represent the name of unit no..

    9, the main interface of the system - the list of proposals:

    Click the system window above the "list" menu, the system will enter the "list" window. The main function is to make the meeting.

    Click on the bottom right of the window under the proposal model list, select the new proposal type. "Vote" said a new proposal.

    "The election of a new 3-1" 3 choose 1 election proposal. "The election of a new 3 3-3" said selected many elections proposal.

    "The election of 5-1" said a new proposal 5 choose 1 election. "The election of 5-5" said a new proposal 5 selected many elections.

    "Score" said a new score proposals. If the New Election Bill, you can click "candidate list" enter the name of the candidate.

    The 3-1/3-3 or 5-1/5-5 only on the system of 3 or 5 key effective. Please according to the actual situation of the new proposal. Choose a good proposal mode, and enter the topic and content of the proposal after the proposal

    Click the "new proposals" can be the new proposal for a meeting. To delete a proposal, first use the mouse to point to delete selected proposal, "delete proposal".

    If you want to delete all the proposals, click "delete all proposals". Check box "sent to the side panel" if selected, then click "into the voting in" button will automatically corresponding

    The content is sent to the screen. Select a no vote / elections / score proposals, click "into the voting" button to enter the voting / elections / scale interface.

    10, the main interface of the system - representative to sign:

    Click the system window above the "representative to sign" menu, the system will enter the "representative" sign in the window.

    Click on the "beginning" button to enter the registration status. The unit of LED lights flash. The MIC key in MIC.

    Click on "sign over" button to end in state. The system will automatically display the sign-in unit / representative. If the representative list window,

    Select "enable the attendance list" will be displayed in the name. Click on the "fill in" can then sign on behalf of not found.

    "Automated" function is to make all the system unit in attendance status, not only the unit attendance, attendance unit can speak / election function.

    Click on the "representative to sign" button to enter the list of delegates settings window. On behalf of the list can be set to edit.

    11, the main interface of the system - election / vote:

    Select a not vote on it, click on "list" window "into the voting" button, you can enter the vote on the main window.

    If you want to automatically, select automatic time mode drop-down list. "Beep" is the second, whether the use of voting countdown tone.

    Click on the "voting began" into the voting state. The unit of LED lights flash. Click "vote to end the" into the voting receives the number state. And display the results table decisively.

    If the use of automatic timing mode, do not click "vote to end". After the vote, the preview, or view from the side panel results, can click the query results, view the results.

    12, on behalf of the list settings:

    Representative list window, window by clicking in the "representative list" and the list of "candidates" into the.

    By clicking on the sign-in window "representative list" to enter the list of Representatives, can only be set on behalf of the list, can not set the list of candidates.

    By clicking on the proposal Qing unit window "candidate list" to enter the list of Representatives, can only be set the list of candidates, can not set the list of delegates.

    Select "enable the list of candidates, election" in the proposal, will display the name of the candidate.

    Select the "representative list", in the end will show sign, sign the name.

    For to the number, not less than the actual number of attendance, otherwise it may prompt the data error.

    13, the voting result query:

    The results of the query window, can by clicking on the "list" window "results" button to enter the. Also can be in the window at the end of vote, vote by clicking the "results" into the.

    Click on "view column chart" or "see pie chart" to see the column chart and pie chart.

    Select "copy of the output" in print: print, Word text output, convenient save and edit.

    14, deputy screen operation:

    The second screen is also known as the second screen, usually connected to a projector or other video equipment. System for information output amplification display.

    Note: when a screen is in the PC screen and maximization, through the Caps Lock key and main operation window switch. Left and right sliding block can adjust the screen font.

    The monogram operation, select "use", and then select the monogram logo, logo content will appear in the preview screen, click through to screen can be sent to the second screen logo. Click the save logo, the preview screen will be saved, can store up to 8 monogram. To delete a monogram, simply save an empty monogram.

    Conference system connection diagram