K162 video conference system

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    K162C chairman unit / K162D delegate unit

    The new design keeps the traditional steadiness and modern science and technology elements

    HD LCD displays microphone on/off status and dynamic level and volume control 

    Automatic flap over within 8 seconds enhances dullness and stiffness of ordinary microphone 

    Various operating modes, electronic switch control for volume adjustment

    Microphone built-in SCM for circuit control

    Ultra-long service life, noise-free touch switch

    High-temperature painting process removes worry of discoloring or paint peeling

    315-degree single-section omnidirectional bending flexible stainless-steel tube

    Built-in Hi-Fi condenser sound head makes excellent sound production, high articulation and low noise

    Efficient whistling inhibition function, powerful pickup

    With microphone switched on, the red sound head operating indicator is illuminating

    High-speed holder camera ball automatic tracking and photography

    The chairman unit with priority speech switch

    to switch off all attended delegate units when needed. 

    Specification and parameters

    Type: condenser

    Directivity: unidirectional

    Frequency response: 50 Hz-14 KHz

    Sensitivity: -45±2dB @ 1KHz

    Input voltage: DC 24V (powered by central processor) 

    Minimum output impedance: 1KΩ

    SNR: 68dB(A)

    Output socket: 8P terminal base 

    Input lead wire: 2.1m 8P shielded wire 

    Accessory: windproof sponge head 

    K162 video conference system

    K162 video conference system

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    Conference system connection diagram