K200-W Wireless speaking microphone

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    K200-W Wireless speaking microphone

    Built-in large-diaphragm condenser sound head delivers ultra-distant pickup distance, high pickup sensitivity and exquisite sound quality and makes your speech or singing free and relaxed. 

    23 stages of electronic volume control, simple partnering. 

    Advanced digital ID pilot frequency function to remove disturbance and crosstalk completely. 

    200 sets of optional frequency points are general for microphones and yield superior capabilities against interference. 

    The feedback whistling inhibition weakening function is enabled to reduce feedback whistling effectively.   

    Numerical control carving upscale process aluminum alloy base, luxurious and elegant. 

    Brackets extending and retracting up and down and adjusting within 360°satisfy requirements of lecturers’ speech in standing or being seated.  

    Simultaneous operation of 2 to 6 microphones. 

    Specification and parameters

    Range of frequency: 500-900MHz

    Mode of modulating: FM 

    Range of modulating: 50MHZ

    Channel number: 200

    Channel interval: 250KHz 

    Frequency stability: within ±0.005%

    Dynamic range: >105dB

    Maximum frequency deviation: 

    Audio frequency response: 40Hz-18KHz(±3dB)

    Total SNR: >110dB

    Total distortion: ≤0.2%

    Operating temperature: -25℃--+40℃

    Transmitter indexes: 

    Antenna mode: the wearing transmitter operates with 1/4 wavelength whip antenna and built-in 

    antenna is installed within handheld microphones. 

    Output power: 20mW 

    Spurious suppression: -60dB 

    Power supply: 2 pieces of AA batteries 

    Duration: approximately 8-10 hours.

    K200-W Wireless speaking microphone

    K200-W Wireless speaking microphone

    Receiver indexes: 

    Receiver mode: secondary frequency conversion super heterodyne 

    Input power: 5W

    Intermediate frequency: 1st intermediate frequency: 110MHz, 2nd intermediate frequency 10.7MHz 

    Wireless interface: BNC/50Ω

    Sensitivity: 12 dBμV (80dBS/N)

    Range of sensitivity adjustment: 10-32dBμV

    Spurious suppression: ≥95dB

    Maximum output level: +10 dBV 

    K200-W receiver size chart

    K200-W Wireless speaking microphone

    K200-W receiver panel function display

    K200-W Wireless speaking microphone