K880 Digital wireless conference system main unit

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    K880 Digital wireless conference system main unit

    Our MC880 series of features simple operation and high flexibility.This system can be 

    connected to multiple devices. For this wireless conference system, there is no need to 

    connect the conference units.This system can be quickly installed without trouble some 

    arrangment. There are 255 unit of microphones in one system,among which 5 people can 

    be speak at the same time. The digital wireless conference system supports the rotation,

    limit and chariman priority model. The system working state can be show on the main unit 

    of LCD. The conference system has auto-tracking function for connect the video processor.

    Technical parameters

    Communication: UHF digital wireless mode (two-way)

    Channels:5(include 1 chairman and 4 delegate)

    Frequency range:500MHz --- 950MHz 

    Modulation model:FM

    Receiving sensitivity:-100dBm

    Signal coverage:60m meters radius

    Audio frequency response:50Hz --- 15KHz

    Audio total gain:≦20dB

    Signal to noise ratio:>85dB

    Total harmonic distortion of audio:≦0.8%

    Power input:DC12V-15V,≧1A 

    Power consumption:< 7W

    Size(W×H×D):485mm×100mm×355mm   2U

    N.W:7.2 kg

    K880 Digital wireless conference system main unit

    K880 Digital wireless conference system main unit Panel function display

    K880 Digital wireless conference system main unit

    MC880A wireless video microphone charger(Optional)

    It has bulit-in large power of switching power supply

    It can be charging 28 units microphone at the same time.

    It has over power protection,over current protection and short circuit protection functions.

    Intput:AC 200-240V 50/60Hz 200W max

    Output:DC 5V, 21000mA

    Efficiency:75%typ,Under full load

    Output voltage tolerance:±5%

    Low standby power consumption:0.5W max

    Output interface:28 channels, standard USB interface


    Mean time between failure:100,00(The maximum load condition)


    K880 Digital wireless conference system main unit

    MC880B wireless video processor(Optional)

    This processor using a new digital of design.

    It can support 8 cameras in one conference system.

    It has 256 camera position tracking of control points.

    It support PELCO-D9600 VISCA-SONY of camera protocol.

    It can through the interface of RS232 to connect computer or video matrix or much more of device.

    It has built-in (8 input ,2 output) of video switch matrix.

    It can be installed in a standard rack of 19-inch.

    Power supply: AC220V/5W

    K880 Digital wireless conference system main unit