K832 wireless conference

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    K832 wireless conference

    Using  UHF , VHF band interference than conventional fewer transmission more reliable ;

     DPLL multichannel digital phase-locked loop frequency synthesizer technology , in the frequency range 50MHZ to 250KHZ channel spacing, providing up to 200 channels to choose, easy multiple sets of machines simultaneously, easily avoiding all kinds of interference ;

     advanced automatic frequency technology , even if the frequency of the transmitter and receiver adjustment disorder , just push the button , the transmitter will automatically lock the frequency and adjust consistent , easy to use ; 

    upscale LCD screen, so that the receiver and transmitter operating status at a glance ; 

    wireless conference launch system that uses two AA batteries, alkaline batteries can be used with high long time ( eight hours of high -power , low- power 12 hours ) . 

    5 intussusception can use the same machine .

    Practical features , simple operation , beautiful, rugged design

    High sound reproduction , full penetration, so that all participants can hear a clear statement

    Channel number of groups : A, B, C, D four zones , each zone is 50 frequency 720.00-790.00MHZ

    Panel Display : LCD display , which can display the RF / AF signal and frequency

    Each channel has independent volume adjustment External antenna can be extended

    Has a separate output for each channel

    Oscillation Mode : PLL frequency synthesizer phase-locked

    Carrier frequency : UHF 640 ~ 860 ( optional ) MHz

    Band Width : 25MHz

    Frequency adjustment: Infrared automatic

    Output Power :10-30mW adjustable two tranches

    Harmonic radiation : <-58dbc< span="">

    Maximum deviation : ± 66KHz

    Maximum input : 138dB SPL sound pressure

    Ondo : Senior capacitor microphone core

    Battery: 2 AA batteries

    Chassis Specifications : EIA standard 1U models

    Conference desktop, hand-held, lavalier, and head-mounted models can be arbitrarily selected.

    K832 wireless conference

    K832 wireless conference

    Technical Parameters

    Frequency range: 740-790MHz

    Modulation mode: FM

    Frequency interval: 50MHz

    Channels: 200

    Channel interval: 250KHz

    Frequency stability:±0.005%

    Dynamic range:100dB

    Max frequency deviation

    Frequency response: 80Hz-18KHz(±3dB)

    SNR:>105 dB

    Distortion: ≤0.5%

    Working temperature: -10℃ -+40 ℃

    K832 wireless conference

    Channel and each channel Frequency range:


    CHANNAL: 0-49 FREQUENCY: 740.000MHZ-752.250MHZ


    CHANNAL: 50-99 FREQUENCY: 752.500MHZ-764.750MHZ


    CHANNAL: 100-149 FREQUENCY: 765.000MHZ-777.250MHZ


    CHANNAL: 150-199 FREQUENCY: 777.500MHZ-789.750MHZ

    K832 receiver size chart

    K832 wireless conference

    K832 receiver panel function display

    K832 wireless conference