K286 conference microphone

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    K286 conference microphone

    The series gooseneck microphone is a condenser cardioid directional microphone with ultra-wide frequency width and the 

    high-quality sound receiving performance is designed for reinforcing sound receiving, professional recording, 

    TV and broadcasting, conference and other applications with high requirements. 

    Windproof sponge cover is completed to lower air jetting sound and other wind sound during speech. 

    High-end black painting process treatment prevents impact on and damage to microphone by static electricity more effectively. 

    The reinforced shielded technology completely prevents radio interference by high-frequency devices such as mobile phone. 

    K286 conference microphone

    Specification and parameters:

    Directivity: cardioid unidirectional 

    Frequency response: 50-17 KHz

    Sensitivity: -45dB/±3dB (1KHz) 

    Low-frequency attenuation: 125Hz 6dB/OCTAVE

    Output impedance: 200Ω

    Maximum withstanding sound pressure: 135dB SPL 1KHz AT1% T.H.D

    Dynamic range: 111dB.1KHz AT MAX SPL

    SNR: 66dB.1KHz AT 1PA

    Power supply: DC 48V

    Lead wire length: 10m (balanced) 

    Output connector: built-in 3-pin Cannon male connector 

    Pickup distance: 15cm-40cm preferred 

    Accessory: 1 windproof sponge cover 

    K286 conference microphone