K7240 Automatic high-speed frequency shift feedback suppressor

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    K7240Automatic high-speed frequency shift feedback suppressor:

    Automatic high-speed feed- suppressor use powerful signal processor and combine KERE patented algorithm 

    to suppress acoustic feedback occurs.

    It uses echo cancellation and eliminate reverberation algorithms effectively filter out the room reverberation , 

    in order to achieve the purpose of eliminating acoustic feedback .

    By adding shielding noise ( inaudible noise ) to the output signal , or a change in the frequency of the output signal 

    of 5 Hz,K7220 feedback suppressor can detect the signal components resulting in reverb and feedback appear 

    before its removal , while maintain the initial signal intact.

    Features and Benefits :

    • KERE patented feedback suppression algorithm

    • eliminate feedback in the first place

    • automatically adapt to the acoustic environment

    • Up to 12 dB additional gain , effectively prevent the occurrence of feedback

    • balanced line or microphone input , provide phantom power

    • The second microphone input with automatic mixer functions set adaptive filter can be switched between 

    "fast" mode and "precision " mode.

    Fast mode suitable for microphone position changes frequently occasions:

    For example, with multiple conversion microphone discussion systems. Accurate models for fixed microphone position 


    For example, the acoustic environment more complex pulpit.

    Adaptive filter can converge at a slower rate , thereby suppressing more reverberation component .

    Before acoustic feedback occurs, you can get up to an additional 12dB of gain , depending on the operating mode 

    of the acoustic environment and the selected .

    K7240 feedback suppressor also built automatic mixer to achieve two -way microphone input .

    In many cases, such as in the podium, pulpit or conference table , using two microphones to better capture moving the 

    speaker 's voice , and this will often increase the risk of acoustic feedback .

    In view of this problem, the Plena feedback suppressor automatic mixer will automatically reduce the microphone input 

    signal weaker gain ,while improving the signal input of another strong gain of the microphone .

    Technical Features:

    1 . Wide frequency response of the circuit technology, no umlauts , no metal tail , strong echo suppression .

    2 . Digital frequency shift technology, super anti-whistle , mellow sound and stable , non- fat dry hair floating and other phenomena .

    3 . Super stable : Built-in crystal oscillator , a good software algorithms , stable performance, little affected by temperature and 

        outside interference .

    4 . Audio spectrum can be customized according to the appropriate applications, thereby greatly enhancing the system gain .

    Automatic high-speed frequency shift feedback suppressor with KERE any type microphone, the same venue at the same time to 

    open dozens of branches, pickup distance can reach 50CM to 100CM without constant howling sound.

    K7240 Automatic high-speed frequency shift feedback suppressor

    K7240 Automatic high-speed frequency shift feedback suppressor dimensions

    K7240 Automatic high-speed frequency shift feedback suppressor