K781 Intelligent conference mixer

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    K781 Intelligent  conference mixer

    K-781 is a microprocessor-controlled , automatic switching of 8 +8 channel intelligent conference mixer. It appeared , 

    to small-scale international conferences ,from portable to mobile conferencing application provides a new application solutions.

    K-781 intelligent conference mixer can be easily applied to all kinds of multimedia teaching and meeting PA , 

    in the design office will fully take into account the actual needs of engineering applications. It has eight balanced 

    mic Caron and 8 -Phoenix wired balanced mic or line input channels and provide the required condenser 

    microphones 48V phantom power and a secondary unbalanced line inputs for external auxiliary audio access equipment. 

    Each input channel can be independently adjustable gain and built-in limiter , any microphone channel can be set according 

    to the actual needs of the Chairman of priority control channel , when the President of the microphone channel speakers for 

    the remaining channel's output level is automatically attenuated. Because each input channel has a built-in control circuit 

    threshold level can be adjusted to control the appropriate threshold values as needed. Can automatically turn on only the 

    signal input channels , which means that the entire course of the meeting , the meeting participants to adjust settings 

    without human speech microphone device can achieve a switch , chairman priority control function.

    K-781 intelligent conference mixer built- NOMA feature that automatically adjusts the overall output level of the input signal 

    based on the number of channels , in other words, how the case supporting the microphone while speaking , the overall output 

    of the system to maintain a constant level , output gain will not be superimposed on the input level rises leaving the overall 

    system can effectively reduce the chance of " feedback sound " generated . This is the traditional way of reinforcement is rarely seen . 

    With this function , after debugging the system under normal sound conditions, without having to worry about the number of 

    microphones used simultaneously change caused unnecessary trouble whistle , especially in the small microphone multi- use 

    space in this environment a more prominent and useful features .

    K-781 offers up to 15 cascade function, can use a temporary increase in the number of microphones based on actual usage, 

    can quickly and easily extend the size of the meeting to as many as 120 people , meeting mobility greatly enhanced.

    In the small and medium sized conference room , lecture hall , VIP reception hall , conference centers and other places can adopt K781 

    intelligent conference mixer , to manage a large number of microphones, simplified operating system. Ensure its easy , efficient , 

    safe and smooth conduct of intelligent messenger brings us is people-oriented technology fashion feel.


    8 Caron balanced inputs, use a microphone or line-level signals (with adjustable EQ) 

    8 Phoenix head balanced inputs, use a microphone or line-level signals (with adjustable EQ) 

    2-way 6.35 inputs (with adjustable EQ) 

    2-way dual-channel music input (with adjustable EQ) 

    Each input provides independent 48V phantom power 

    Each input gain and volume controls provide independent 

    Each input attenuation level adjustable gates 

    Each microphone channel has compression limiter function 

    Each microphone channel can be independently switched to priority default mode 

    Can automatically turn on only the signal input channel, the sound level of the gate action can automatically adjust, easy to use. 

    Unique feedback suppression function, can adjust the gain for each input and output overall gain, in particular, can increase or 

    decrease based on the use of channels and automatically adjusts the output level, which can effectively prevent the whistle 

    15 units can be connected to K781, manage up to 120 conference microphone system 

    Different characteristics of different grades can be configured according to the actual situation of the microphone, connect easy to use and flexible

    K781 Intelligent  conference mixer

    Technical parameters

    Input impedance:MIC 4300Ω, AUX 50KΩ 

    Output impedance (balanced):MIC 15KΩ, LINE220Ω

    Output impedance (unbalanced):1KΩ

    Preamp output impedance:3.3KΩ

    Maximum input level:MIC-18dBV, AUX6dBV 

    Maximum output level (balanced): MIC-18dBV, LINE 21.5dBV 

    Standard input level: MIC-28dBV unbalanced AUX 2.5dBV

    Standard output level (balanced):MIC-25dBV LINE 0dBV 

    Preamp output level:-4.4dBV 

    Maximum gain:62dB 

    Frequency response:20Hz-20KHz

    Inherent noise:-85dB

    THD + N: ≤ 0.5% 

    SINAD: 75dB 

    Phantom Power:+48 V 

    Controlling the output voltage: +5 V 

    Power supply voltage: AC 220V 

    Power consumption:25W 

    Dimensions (W3D3H): 48.2 × 17.9 × 90mm 

    Weight: 3.2Kg

    MC781 Intelligent  conference mixer size chart

    K781 Intelligent  conference mixer