K782 Intelligent conference mixer

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    K782  Intelligent  conference mixer

    It has 8 channels of microphone input and another AUX auxiliary input. The sound gate action level can be automatically adjusted to automatically turn on the channel with only signal input.

    ■ Each channel can be set to give priority to speak. When the priority channel speaks, the speech of other channels will be automatically attenuated, and the automatic attenuation can be set to 20dB, 40dB or fine adjustment.

    ■ Through the external controller, the switch can be automatically controlled without the internal mixer, and the external controller can forcibly turn the microphone on or off to cut off unnecessary microphone input.

    ■NOMA function: The NOMA (Number of open Microphone Attenuated) line can automatically adjust the output level according to the number of channels used. When a plurality of mixers are used in an extended manner, it is possible to prevent a sound whistling due to an increase in the gain of the entire system.

    ■Equipped with Control Voltage external control output terminal, it can control external signal lights or cameras.

    ■The manual mode function can be selected to set the automatic mix to use as a general mixer.

    ■ It can be set by various switches on the internal substrate and VR to achieve the desired effect.

    Technical Parameters:

    input resistance: 

    Microphone: 8KΩ

    Auxiliary input: 50KΩ

    Series input: 20KΩ

    Output impedance:

    Balance: 300Ω

    Unbalance: 400Ω

    Series output: 100Ω

    Maximum input level: Microphone: -24dBV LINE: 27dBV

    Frequency response: 50~20000Hz

    K782  Intelligent  conference mixer