K783 intelligent conference mixer

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    K783 intelligent conference mixer

    With 8 microphone input, another AUX auxiliary input. The voice gate action level automatic adjustment, automatic open only signal input channel.

    Each channel can be set as a priority to speak, speak in the first channel, the other channel speech will automatically attenuation, and automatic attenuation amount can be set to 20dB, 40dB or trimming.

    Through an external controller, without mixer internal automatic control switch is connected by an external controller, it forced the microphone to open or close, convenient to cut off the microphone input is not necessary.

    OMA function: NOMA (Number of open MicrophoneAttenuated) circuit can use the channel increased, automatically adjust the output level. Expansion of the use of the mixer, can prevent the rise due to gain of the system as a whole, and generate sound whistle.

    Equipped with a Control Voltage external control output terminal, can be controlled by external signal lamps or camera.

    Can choose manual mode, automatic mixing can be set to use general mixer.

    Through the switch and VR substrate for various performance parameters, so as to achieve the ideal use effect.

    K783 intelligent conference mixer

    Technical Parameters

    Frequency response /- 0.5dB 20Hz~20KHz;  0, -3dB from 10Hz~30KHz

    The maximum voltage gain: 96dB

    Intermodulation distortion:. Better than the -90dB.

    Control modeRS232.


    The input tuning range 40dB.

    Input impedance3.5kOhms Mic / 15KOhms Line

    Rated input impedance150Ohms

    Mic/Line attenuation -50dB.

    Maximum input level  20dBu (attenuation).

    Low cut filter Each octave @ 120Hz 12dB.

    Auxiliary input impedance The 20KOhms equilibrium.


    The input impedance (balance) 440Ohms.

    (non-equilibrium) 220Ohms

    Equivalent load impedance 600Ohms.

    Rated level  4dBU RMS.

    Maximum level  26dBu RMS (balance).

    The main output of Mic/Line decay -50dB

    The main parameters

    Power requirements -220VAC, 50/60Hz

    Size The 19 "x9" x1.75 "(43.4cm x 23.6cm x 4.5 cm)

    Shipping weight (average) 12.5lb (5.7Kg).

    K783 intelligent conference mixer  size chart

    K783 intelligent conference mixer