K7550 five channel amplifiers

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    K7550 five channel amplifiers

    The K-7550 Series Five Channel Amplifier is the latest sound reinforcement product developed for conference room use.

    The low frequency dive deep, the midrange balance, the high frequency extension is wide; in the speech performance, 

    the distortion is low, the frequency response is wide, and the maximum vocal design is restored.

    According to the needs of different conference rooms, the MC-7550B conference dedicated speaker of the factory is 

    equipped with ceiling mount or individual wall mount installation.

    Large/medium/small conference rooms, banquet halls, classrooms, etc.

    - Active power factor correction circuit (APFC)

    - High efficiency Class D power amplifier circuit

    - Each channel is equipped with a Phoenix head bare wire input interface terminal, which can be used for 5.1 theater sound reinforcement.

    - Each channel has: input/output/clipping three LED indications

    K7550 five channel amplifiers

    Technical parameters

    Output (8Ω、1kHz):5x150W

    Frequency Response:20Hz~20kHz ±3dB

    Total Distortion:1%(8Ω、150W时),

    Input Sensitivity:+4dB * (1.23V)

    Input Impedance:10kΩ(电子平衡式/Balanced)

    S/N Ratio:≥80dB

    Indicator Lights:

    Power Supply Voltage: AC220~240V、50/60Hz

    1/8 Rated Activity Consumed Power: 500W

    Dimensions:483 x 45 x 555 (mm)

    Net Weight:18.50kg

    K7550 five channel amplifiers dimensions

    K7550 five channel amplifiers